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Hello Friends, I am Boby Thomas born and raised in a small village in Kerala state, South India.I am curious about everything from my childhood onwards. Still I remember some of my adventures, one of them is I am going to get water from nearby creak and fall into it at the age of three years (I think). Another one is I was playing testing the insulation of an electric wire and electrocuted. 
My school years were fun. I started my schooling in an English medium school. After a year or so I moved to nearby local school because my dad accepted a job in the Gulf countries and my transportation was difficult. Then I restart learning Malayalam alphabets (our regional language).  After completing my 10th grade, I joined Marthoma college for my Pre-Degree. Now Pre-degree is gone for good,  instead of pre-degree they go to Plus two course.
After completing my college degree from Pandalam N.S.S. College,  I pursue my dream to start my own business. My cousin and I have started a curry powder distribution business. That business was my learning experience, and I learned a lot from that business’ ups and downs. That business experience was my real MBA. I learned practical applications of accounting, Marketing, Basics of negotiation etc.  After conducted business about six years, I quit and study automobile technology. I planned to work as an auto mechanic in Gulf countries, but I took a job as an accountant. After worked six years in Gulf countries, I moved to the United States of America. In this new country, I started from the basic job and later I found a Government accounting job. Still interested and doing side businesses, repairing automobiles and home appliances. Now I am planning a world tour, Not decided when, where and how. Will let you all know later.
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