How could India prosper?

Hello India, we need you to step up. Time has now arrived, and please join us to make it happen. My friends, Brothers, and Sisters we need a plan, we need to get out of this route. We have enough resources but are the lack of courage, lack of advice to start a business. Don’t worry start when you are young. Learn it by doing. Don’t wait to complete your school education. We need to rebuild our school system to get more time to do something, making real money. Our current education system, at least when I was studying, we just go to school sit and learn (at least some of them) from the teacher. In my opinion, schools should be up to half day and rest of the day students should invest their time to do something to make money or, at least, try something for making money.
We need more entrepreneurs to make a strong and prosper India. Today is the day to start a business. Everybody can start something. It should not be one with a large investment. Start something small. Join some group. Because of the internet, you should not have to live in a city, to join a group. Everybody with the web or even a smart phone can join any group. Is that amazing? Recently I read a story about a young man started a book lending club called Lenro,(  ) Just join in that group and if you have any books to lend, do it. There is no fee associated with joining Lenro.
Parents should encourage their children to participate some entrepreneur activity. When I was a kid I love to do something, like to explore. But I didn’t get much exposure. Most of the time I got discouragement. When I was in college, I decided not to work for the man instead start a business. Immediately after I completed my college, I started a business with my parents financial contribution. Unfortunately, I can’t reach the other side of that business. Starting a business and managing it is a tough job. I wish I could get listen and read the business podcast and blogs that time.
Friends, go out and make something happen.

Author: Boby

I am Boby Thomas born and raised in a small village in Kerala state, South India.I am curious about everything from my childhood onwards. Currently living in the United States of America. I believe this is the best time to be an entrepreneur.

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