How to treat your workers or staffs

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When we look the history, most powerful and wealthy nations were followed biblical principles. If you start a business, or you expect any growth in your life, you better study the bibble. Even if you say I am not a Christian or I don’t believe in Bibble, or Bibble is not real. Ok, I understand. I don’t think Harry Potter story is true, but we all read that story, right? So just read Bibble and get what it says about life. If you study Bibble and implement what it said is the first thing you need to do in your business, it to be a success.
  “Do not defraud or rob your neighbor. Do not hold back the wages of a hired worker overnight.” Leviticus 19:13
When you start reading Bibble, intentionally you will notice what it says about life. In other words, life is a business. You cannot be different in your life and business. When you read Bibble, intentionally start from Old Testament. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. I go to church every Sunday, (not actually) whenever I go to church most of the times the devotion was from New Testament. My point here is when you read Bibble intentionally you have to start with Old Testament. Because 3/4 of the Bibble is Old Testament and important laws, the life of early human beings are all mentioned in Old Testament. Everything you need to know in life is in Old Testament. New Testament is a supplement to Old Testament.
Serving your fellow humans is an important principle of the Old and New Testament. When you read Leviticus, you can see the importance of taking responsibility for your fellow people and hired workers. I got the opportunity to work in the Middle East and the United States of America. What is one big difference in both countries? Well, in America,  if any business hired you, you will get your wages on time. Some companies give weekly some give every two weeks bimonthly or monthly. But what was in the Middle East or most countries in the Middle East. They agreed to pay you every month, but it may lag many months, and there is no guarantee to get your wages back.

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