6- Rubber tapper to Managing director of 100 lacks turnover company -John Kuriacose

Beginning with nothing, a young man from a distant town in Kerala was raised up to the excellent position in oral technology, due to his trust and determination to God – “who lifteth in the meek and raiseth up the indigent.” John Kuriakose, Founder and Managing Director of Dentcare Oral Laboratory Pvt. Ltd; started out the laboratory in 1988 in a tiny room in Muvattupuzha. It is now a 50,000 sq. feet world-class Oral lab; with 1700 skilled technicians, 10 million satisfied patients plus more than 10,000 benefited dental practitioners.

John Kuriakose comes from an extremely low-income family, his parents being ‘daily salary’ personnel in nearby houses. It had been tough to allow them to make both ends meet so that from child years itself John got encountered the bitterness of poverty.

Increasing their miseries, John’s dad and grandfather were emotionally irregular, frequently becoming violent. This mental disease was hereditary that his mom was concerned about it haunting her children too. Life became so unpleasant that she attempted suicide thrice. John’s desperation and disappointment darkened his life – and his future looked blank without the anticipation. After completed his high school, John was pressured to work as a rubber tapper to aid his family.

Willpower and enthusiasm stuffed his head, and he wanted to have a decent job, with an income of at least Rs. 500 monthly.
At last, he got a job nearby dental clinic as an attender for a monthly salary of Rs. 250. Every day John used to view his doctor attempting and sweating to installing crowns and bridges. John silently started out to think about fabricating crowns and bridges with accuracy and excellence. John’s dream that time was to set up a better facility to solve the problem facing the dental industry. He did not consider that he was earning only Rs 250 per month. That was the starting point of the Dentacare dental lab.
Incredibleness is never a mishap. John buckled down day and night with assurance and tirelessness, and inside a limited capacity to focus time, a small dental lab in a one room shop has grown up to a 50,000 sq. ft. dental lab with a turnover of 100 lacks per year.
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